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What are Cerec Same Day Crowns?

If you have had a porcelain crown or zirconium crown installed before, you know that there is a time period on your part. Two dental appointments are required, which include wearing a temporary tooth for a few days or longer to allow the gums to heal and the tooth-building phase to be completed. Cadcam’s biggest advantage is convenience. You can have your natural smile within 1 hour, without a single clinic visit and temporary teeth.

Get your teeth fixed on the same day

CEREC crowns are aesthetic and durable because they are made from a solid ceramic block. With Cerec, we can digitally scan the inside of the mouth, eliminating the need for impression materials.
Cerec also eliminates dependence on a temporary crown that may be prone to falling out and features highly realistic porcelain materials that can be tailored to match the natural color of patients’ teeth.

What are the advantages of Cad Cam Coatings?

– It looks like a natural tooth.
– It is durable.
– Digital impressions of your teeth can be taken without using paste-like impression materials.
– Your need for a temporary crown is eliminated.
– It is aesthetic.
– It allows you to get your real tooth within 1 hour.

How Are Cad Cam Coatings Made?

Whether it is a same-day cadcam crown, porcelain or zirconium crown, the dental veneer process starts the same way. Preparation of the tooth…

Any existing decay needs to be removed and the tooth shaped so that the crown can fit properly. But the similarities end there.

How Are Cad Cam Coatings Made?

If you are having porcelain or zirconium crown treatment, the next step after preparing the tooth will be to measure your teeth with a paste-like material and use this measurement as a model on which to create the crown. With the cadcam crown made on the same day, the size of your teeth is scanned within seconds using only a measuring rod connected to the computer. The CEREC device will create a 3D model of your teeth with extreme precision.
Your crown will be designed while you wait with the help of CADCAM software.
Then, the ceramic material block that best matches the color of your own teeth is selected.
The digital design of your crown is prepared in approximately five minutes and transmitted to CEREC’s engraving device. After the scraping process is completed, the necessary aesthetic improvements are made on the surface of the crown and the crown is bonded to your tooth with special cadcam materials.

Get your tooth fixed on the same day!

All On Four

What is All On Four?

The All on Four system is a treatment method that uses four dental implants to fix the dental prosthesis. It gives you the advantage of having a natural-looking fully functional smile. In the All on Four treatment, our expert jaw surgeons will determine the best areas in your jawbone, place four implants in these areas and ensure that the bone fuses with the implants. An existing or temporary denture is then attached to give you a smile the same day.

The implants are fully integrated into the bone and after the healing period is completed, permanent prostheses are fixed to the implants.


What is Overdenture?

People who are missing several or all of their teeth know the struggle with dentures slipping when talking or eating, or coming loose when laughing.

Overdenture is a treatment option that eliminates these problems with dentures. It can improve your quality of life by acting like natural teeth.

Overdenture is a prosthetic method supported by several implants. It offers a natural smile that allows you to eat and smile comfortably without worrying about slipping or slackening.

Implant Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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