Dental Stone Cleaning (Determination)

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Tooth stone cleaning

Dental tartar is formed by the hardening of plaque and bacteria accumulated on the teeth.
While plaque can be removed at home with thorough brushing and flossing, tartar can only be removed in a dental office by a dentist with special tools.
In addition, dental tartar can cause tooth decay, bad breath and serious gum diseases.

The Importance of Dental Stone Cleaning

When tartar is allowed to remain on tooth surfaces or below the gum line, ideal conditions are provided for bacteria to grow and multiply. While acids produced by some bacteria cause tooth decay and gum disease; If left uncontrolled, it can lead to inflammation and infection of the gums and affect systemic (whole body) diseases.

How is Dental Stone Cleaning Done?

Your tartar is cleaned by our expert dentists with a special aqueous tool, and then your teeth are polished with a low-speed rotating brush with a soft rubber tip. A lightly gritty, toothpaste-like gel is applied and the brush is rotated over the teeth, leaving them smooth and shiny.

If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in a long time, it may take a few minutes for you to get used to us cleaning your teeth. However, if you experience any discomfort, it may be possible to apply a topical numbing gel or another type of anesthetic.

If your gums are irritated due to bacterial growth, they may be sore or bleed slightly during cleaning. It is possible to prevent this from happening in the future with oral hygiene measures you can take at home (such as advanced flossing techniques or special mouthwashes).
This type of regular oral care will help you avoid more complicated and difficult dental treatments in the future.

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How to Prevent Dental Stone Formation?

You are very unlikely to prevent tartar because plaque and bacteria constantly accumulate on your teeth. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize buildup. You can help reduce dental plaque by brushing your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day, using mouthwash, and flossing daily by removing food particles stuck between your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Stone Cleaning

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